GMI is short for Gunadarma Multi Investama, a company that moves in the field of telecomunication and information. GMI was establsihed in 2006. Intially GMI was a local licensed distributor for NEMO; a measurement drive test tool that has been used until now.

The core area of business for Anite Finland Ltd is in developing, manufacturing, and marketing solutions for the measurement needs of wireless network operators, infrastructure manufacturers, mobile terminal manufacturers and network roll-out and optimization service providers. Right now Anite changed name to Keysight. Keysight Finland Ltd offers customized tools for measuring and analyzing wireless networks with reliable and accurate measurement functions and user-friendly interfaces. Our global customer base covers more than 300 mobile operators, network equipment manufacturers, service contractors and regulatory bodies from over 100 countries worldwide.

For over 15 years, we have focused on our core competence: developing reliable, state-of-the-art measurement and testing solutions for the latest network technologies and services. The exact and detailed data recorded with our Nemo-branded tools is optimal for network roll-out, tuning, verification, maintenance, optimization, troubleshooting and benchmarking purposes.

Keysight Finland Ltd’s head office is located in APAC in Singapore.



Significant steps, such as the development of EDGE, WCDMA – GSM/GPRS inter-working, CDMA2000 EV-DO, HSPA, and lately HSPA+ Dual Cell and LTE have been taken in the evolution of network technologies. Our core competence lies in developing measurement and testing solutions for the latest network technologies and services.


We have developed air interface test tools to help operators in their trial, implementation, verification, and optimization phases. Our product development continues through the implementation of new test mobile models to enable the testing of various network services, new service applications and quality aspects (QoS/QoE) of the evolving networks. At the same time, new innovative ways to measure wireless network, such as Nemo Multi Handy, are introduced. 


GMI Network Core Business in Telecommunication
  • Traditional & Professional Services
  • Indoor Building Optimization and Solution
  • New Site and Planning Survey Delivery
  • Professional DT Benchmarking Support
  • Installation BTS and Commissioning
  • NPI Optimization & VIP Complaint Support
  • Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Handling

Our Customers


  • Found in 2006 started as local distributor of Nemo measurement tools.
  • 2007 started on services project, network planning, IND, survey, SIS, SES, mini audit, DT, and BM
  • 2010 become a partner of Tektronix communications tools
  • 2010 become a partner of iBWave, Indoor  Planning tools
  • 2011 started on Professional Services Project  and become a pionior on QoE and QoS  services in operator

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