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5G NR drive testing and benchmarking with Nemo Intelligent Device Interface Nemo Intelligent Device Interface is a new device control solution for QoS and QoE measurements. It enables the benchmarking and drive testing of all cellular technologies ranging from legacy 2G to 5G NR and is easily expandable from a single handheld unit to a large-scale benchmarking system.

Handheld IoT Network Coverage Verification with Nemo IoT Meter Nemo IoT Meter is an easy-to-use handheld measurement tool for verifying NB-IoT and LTE-M service quality at customer premises. It can be used in industrial environments to verify coverage and end-to-end connection quality for IoT device installations. Nemo IoT Meter enables network operators and service providers to actively test networks in the field, ensuring the coverage and service quality of networks in mission-critical and consumer-based IoT applications, accelerating installations and speeding time-to-revenue.

NB-IoT live field measurement with Nemo Outdoor and Nemo Analyze Soon, there will be billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices around. This video introduces Keysight´s Nemo measurement solution for NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M1. Nemo tools provide insight into the complete radio stack, including application performance, key radio metrics and detailed control plane signaling. The solution enables user to understand the capabilities and the limitations of the IoT technology. Use cases include early lab and field testing, IoT troubleshooting, indoor and outdoor coverage measurements, and benchmarking of devices and network performance. GMI network bring this tools in Indonesia market.

Monthly Meeting Trueconect area 1 IN bATAM (2-3 OCT 2019)

World’s First 5G Automation Use Case LTE 5G Dual Connectivity P.I. Works introduces the world’s first Automated 5G Network Management solution, a development that will help 4G and 5G technologies work together in harmony. This ensures that operators can deploy 5G throughout their network to facilitate new experiences. P.I. Works’ AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered network automation solution includes standard and advanced closed-loop functions for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. P.I. Works also provides its HetNet aware optimization capabilities, which can help mobile operators to plan and manage the sites needed for small and macro cell deployments to further enhance network coverage.

P.I. Works Smart Network Planning P.I. Works Smart Network Planning uses predictive AI algorithms and traffic models to create network clusters based on the characteristics of group of cells as well as to forecast network and subscriber metrics. The product helps operators weigh their choices about when and where to upgrade the capacity of network nodes and by how much with a high level of confidence. Mobile Network Planning, Now Smarter, Now 5G Ready! and GMI network support with PI work Team delivery this tools in Operator Indonesia.

3D Visualization of 5G NR Beams and KPIs In NEMO TOOLS #3D Visualizer is used to display hashtag#5G NR beams in a 3D environment to view which real-world elements are blocking the signal and degrading the network quality. The beams and the test route are color-coded based on the selected KPI (green is good, red/black poor) so that you can quickly spot problem areas on the map. For example, at 0:30 in the video you can clearly see that the building and trees are blocking the beams in the parking lot. The 3D Visualizer feature option is currently available to our hashtag#Nemo Analyze customers. Read more about our solutions for 5G NR field testing and data analytics:

Demo pengukuran 5G NR di New York dengan Nemo Handy Nemo Handy sudah siap melakukan pengukuran sinyal 5G NR, dan demo ini di lakukan langsung di New York.

PT GMI Network bring E2E Optimization solution with PI Work for the future since 2019

Meeting Peningkatan Network Quality dan Productivity Branch Padang Meeting dengan Telkomsel berkaitan dengan project TrueConext mengenai Peningkatan Network Quality dan Productivity untuk Area Padang dan Bukit Tinggi hal ini di lakukan untuk peningkatan kualitas jaringan dan optimasi site, serta rendahnya productivity di area Branch Padang. Team optimization di lakukan oleh Team Telkomsel  sebagai stakeholder, bersama Tekominfra, Ericsson dan GMI network.


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